Luxury Gallery at Home

What makes my gallery unique is that my goal is to meet every individuals needs. SO what does that really mean? Well, everything can be customized, including how you shop. We have clients come into the gallery who find themselves overwhelmed, they pick what they like but what if it doesn't look good in the room? What if the sizing is wrong? My family and I understand that buying art is an investment, which means you should take your time and invest in what is right for you and we will never advise you otherwise. Our clients come into the gallery, or go on our website, and pick out the pieces they like and we bring them to your home so you can try them out on your walls, in different rooms, and figure out what works for you. Often times you'll be surprised and grateful that you tried it out first! We had a client recently, loved my kisses art, but couldn't figure out how to hang it. She had a twin bed and a full bed in her guest bedroom and as much as she loved the kisses, it looked unbalanced.  My son-in-law, who spearheads our luxury service, came up with the idea to create a double chocolate kiss painting to hang over the bed and the original  four kisses painting over the full. I created the image for her both hand enhanced giclees on canvas, we custom framed them, and my son in law went back to hang them for her and they looked great! The process was easy and smooth and stress free for our clients. We will always help you find the right piece for you and make it work. As an artist, my goal is to spread joy through my work. 

Here is the original four kisses that we did as a hand enhanced giclee on canvas

And here is the custom double kiss also hand enhanced giclee on canvas