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Mother Natures Masterpiece

Today I felt inspired to talk about what I call "Mother Natures Masterpiece"

I started painting sceneries early on in my career and I still love to paint them. Nature is one of the easiest places to find inspiration because it is absolutely beautiful and magnificent how it call comes together to seamlessly. You simply can not stand in front of a blue ocean, listening to the waves crash, and not be in awe. You can not sit by a quiet lake surrounded by greenery and not feel peace. Nature is healing and its ability to invoke emotion is unmatched. Painting it is just as healing and the inspiration is endless. The sunrise and sunset is infinite, every day you receive new inspiration, every wave that crashes is one of a kind, really when you step back and think about the grandiosity of it all, how can one be unmoved? As an artist, I do feel we can never capture the true greatness of it on a canvas, but we can surely keep trying.