What’s in a Frame?

I’ve always felt it to be important to incorporate custom framing in my galleries. Frames have the ability to complete shift our focus and transform the image for better or worse. The right frame should bring out the painting, we find the focal point of a picture and choose a frame that will  celebrate it. The frame should never take away from the image it should only elevate it. 
When it comes to a wrapped painting on canvas, we love a floater frame. A floater frame goes behind and around the canvas to give the illusion that the canvas is floating inside the frame.


So what happens if the image is simple black and white? Does the frame have to be simple too?

The answer is No! 
We take into account, what does the image convey? For example, my black and white collection, although simple is glamorous. You can choose a simple frame and people have and it has looked great! But it is not your only option. Like I said, it’s old hollywood glamour, so a glamorous frame would take the painting up a notch!

Ok so, does it have to be black or white? Black or white is the standard and that is what you’ll often see, but it’s okay and encouraged to have fun with the frame as long as it fits the picture. My candy collection is bright and colorful with a white background, so a colorful frame looks great and fun!