Commissions Open!

As an artist with my own gallery I take a very hands on approach. This awards me the opportunity to work closely with my clients, which is what I love to do. Recently, I have clients come into the gallery looking for an abstract. I went to their home to see their decor and the space they intended to hang it. From there, we worked together to discuss a concept of colors and sizing and style. I began painting and allowed them to come in and see the progress and give input. I may be the artist but this was their commission and I wanted it to be exactly what they wanted. To make it even more special I had them paint certain parts of the painting as well, we documented the entire process and created a beautiful memory. Once it was finished, I custom framed the painting and delivered and hung it in their home. That piece now holds so many great memories and it is one of a kind and they helped paint it! We even created a video to capture the process. My goal with Gallery Mavruk is to truly immerse my clients in the art experience. We allow you to try art on your walls before purchasing, I create custom paintings and take feedback and input from clients, we help decide the frame, and exactly where it should hang. My family and I walk you through the entire process guide you in the areas of our expertise while also hearing your voice and bringing your vision to life. Commissions are open, let's create memories together!