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Original or Giclee?

At Gallery Mavruk we offer both Originals and Giclees. However, I have realized that many people are confused by the difference, so I can break it down in terms of my art.

My Original paintings are done all completely by hand using either Oil Paint or Acrylic. There is only one original that can ever exist which is what makes it valuable. 

The Giclee can not exist without first having the original painting. Giclee is a a French term that means "to spray". They are created on large printers using thousands of sprays to create a high quality that looks as close to the original as possible. We always create them on canvas.

Personally, as an artist I always want to add my own touch so all of my giclees are hand embellished. What this means, is that I go over the giclee print with paint and add more to enhances which makes the giclee, also one of a kind. 

Again, I am defining these in terms of my art and how I work. 

Originals are always a great investment, and art collectors prefer originals for the value. Giclees are much more affordable and are just as high quality. It really is a matter of preference, whether you buy for the investment or as decor, what matters is that you enjoy the art.